Wood products for the machine industry

Our Wood Department offers technical wood products and components mainly made of European beech for various mechanical needs. Compregnated laminated European beech has excellent density, flexibility, friction and shock resistance properties. It is much lighter than similar strength metal. It is suitable for needs requiring mechanical sliding properties yet still needing durability. The material’s properties stay the same in temperatures between – 200 °C and + 200 °C.

Due to its unique properties compared to other composite materials, compregnated laminated beech is ideal for certain mechanical applications. It is used for example as the plank under Formula 1 cars and as propeller material for small aircraft, as well as in heavy-duty machines in wood and textile industries. The material is also suitable for outdoor furniture and other elements requiring durability in any weather, as well as impressive appearance.

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Eero Keltto

head of wood department
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