Special pallets

Finvacon manufactures special pallets and transport boxes tailored to customer need. Our starting point is always the optimal yet cost-effective protection of our customers´ products and the reduction of logistics costs. Our co-operation begins with a survey, taking into account forms of transport and storage. After the survey, we design a prototype independently or in co-operation with the customer, using SolidWorks 3D and Autocad 2D softwares. When necessary, we can also make a prototype as an individual piece directly based on instructions from the customer.

We have the capacity to manufacture sets of tens of thousands of products, but we are also interested in the need for individual special pallets. All our transport and storage solutions combine durability and long life, but at the same time the efficient use of space when in use or in stock.

If your storage or transportation needs require special strength or marking/signage, remember that our Metal and Laser Engraving Departments are also at your disposal.


Stackable transport pallets for long items

Convertible trolleys and pallets

Tailored collection pallets

Reusable, collapsible and stackable pallets for transporting fluids.

Ask for an offer for special pallets:

Eero Keltto

head of wood department
+358 (0)50 583 5594