Metal department

Jarmo Kaksonen

head of metal & laser engraving
+358 (0)400 764 919


Riku Friman

supervisor (metal)
+358 (0)44 088 9735

Our Metal Department offers our customers tailor-made welding and machining using various materials (metals, plastic), as well as product development. The products and services are often unique solutions, rather than ‘off the shelf’-products. We manufacture both individual products and large sets of components as subcontracting work for the metal and energy industries. We are especially skilled in manufacturing various sizes of stud bolts. We are, however, interested in all challenges related to metal and combinations of wood, metal and plastic. We are recognised as an excellent partner as we keep to the agreed timetable to a level of reliability of 99.5%

Contact us and come for a visit! We are located near the centre of Vaasa, at Gneissikuja 1E.

Machine stock

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