Heli Kinnari

chief instructor (assembly)
+358 (0)44 088 9727

Kati Läspä

head of laundry & assembly
+358 (0)44 088 9721

Finvacon´s Assembly Department offers a wide range of assembly-related work, such as packing, programming, pricing and bagging raw material mainly for industrial and wholesale customers. Finvacon offers companies a cost benefit compared with their own production, or when investing in a machine isn´t an economic alternative.

Our professional instructors check all the work to ensure that it meets the quality requirements of the assignment. With the instructors´ help we have a delivery reliability of almost 100%.

The department offers low-threshold subcontracting works for the disabled as assigned by various companies, such as the City of Vaasa and other local municipalities. Our unique approach is offering people with limited working capabilities jobs in the so-called normal business environment (at Finvacon, people of normal work ability and those of limited ability are equally important employees and this is one of the company’s main operating criteria).

By using the services of our Assembly Department, you are also supporting the employment of the disabled. Contact us and come for a visit! We are situated at Gneissikuja 1E


You can find our contact information and map here.


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